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Who We Are

Nellie Poston Custom Homes is a complete design and build custom homebuilder, founded on the principles of integrity, dedication, quality and experience. Based in Marietta, Georgia - a suburb of Atlanta - we offer a variety of luxurious custom home opportunities that range from beautiful market homes in some of metro-Atlanta’s finest locations, to a flexible “Build on Your Own Homesite” program. Nellie Poston Custom Homes has the experience and commitment you can trust to deliver a beautifully crafted home of enduring value.

Founded in 2013, Nellie Poston Custom Homes is a Traton Homes company. Traton Homes has been a leading builder of semi-custom homes in metro-Atlanta for over 40 years STRONG.

Pricing for Nellie Poston Custom Homes starts in the High $800's.

Nellie Poston's Story

Nellie Poston
In Memory of
Nellie Clifford Poston

Founded on the principles of honesty, dedication and quality, Nellie Poston Custom Homes pays homage to the remarkable woman after whom the company is named.

Nellie Clifford Gibson Poston was born in 1918 and spent most of her youth amid the cotton fields of South Georgia. Nellie’s father died when she was only nine days old and her mother passed away when she was only 13, so Nellie and her brother and sisters made their way…together. Nellie always had a strong spirit and work ethic and knew from an early age that she was destined to become a “business woman.” She graduated from Montezuma High School in 1936 and began her career learning how to keep books from her older sister. She later worked for Ford Motor Company where she kept books for $5 a week.

Nellie and her friends loved to go to their favorite hamburger restaurant on Friday evenings to enjoy a hamburger and Coke. It was there that she became acquainted with a young man in the Civilian Conservative Corps, a program that was designed to fight poverty and unemployment during the Depression Era. Nellie would one day marry that young man, Red Poston, and together they would embark on a journey that would lead them to their new home of Atlanta, Georgia. Their first son Milburn was born in 1944, and their second son Bill arrived in 1947. Their third and final child - a daughter, Marian - was born in 1949 after which the family bought their first home.

Red worked in the insurance business and together he and Nellie formed Poston Realty & Insurance (later known as Poston, Guthrie and Fowler). Nellie and Red worked side by side, building their business and raising their family - until 1963, when Red passed away after a heart attack. Nellie’s strength and determination led her to continue raising their three teenagers while keeping books for the family business. Nellie later sold the family business and it was then that her sons decided to go into business together and form a real estate company. Nellie’s business leadership came to the forefront of the new venture known as Traton Homes. Founded in 1971, Traton Homes would grow to become one of Atlanta’s leading homebuilders for over four decades.

Nellie Poston remained active in the day-to-day operations of the company until she passed away in November 2015 at the age of 97. She will forever be an inspiration to those fortunate enough to know her.

Nellie Poston Custom Homes will remain steadfast in our commitment to honesty, dedication and quality with a level of experience and inspiration unlike any other in the custom homebuilding industry.